cerebral edema Bruce Lee, cerebral edema

Cerebral Edema Bruce Lee

Cerebral Edema Bruce Lee

Cerebral edema is a type of diseases which occurs due to the deposition of fluid in the inter cellular and extracellular parts of the brain.there are many symptoms of Cerebral edema by which we can detect the presence of cerebral edema in the brain, these symptoms are:-

  • The presence of morphology in the brain of any person is the symptoms of a presence of cerebral edema in the brain.
  • Due to cerebral, the brain of the human being become soft and smooth and it also fills the cranial vault in the brain.
  • The gyri part in the brain become flattened due to the cerebral edema.
  • The sulci part of the brain become narrowed due to the cerebral edema.
  • Due to the cerebral edema, ventricular cavities of the brain become compressed.


Apart from these symptoms cerebral edema also causes nausea, vomiting, blurred vision and many other problems like these.these are the symptoms of cerebral edema.

Causes of cerebral edema

Now talking about the causes of cerebral edema. The cerebral edema is generally occur from brain trauma and it can also occur from the non traumatic causes. The non traumatic causes include ischemic stroke, cancer and brain inflammation. Due to the breakdown of blood brain barrier and blood-cerebrovascular fluid will result in the deposit of fluid parts in the extracellular space of the brain.

Due to the metabolism brain cells will start to retain water and this will result in the dilution of the blood plasma and will cause an excess amount of water will move into the brain cells. Some research also said that moving to the high altitude without the use of proper acclimatization can also cause high altitude cerebral edema.

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Types of cerebral edema

There are many types of cerebral edema some of these are:-

  1. Vasogenic : – The vasogenic edema generally occurs when the breakdown of tight endothelial junctionsis occur and it makes blood brain barrier which causes vasogenic edema.Due to the vasogenic edema the intravascular protein and the fluid will be deposit in the extracellular space of the brain. The vasogenic type of edema is generally occur due to the trauma, tumors, and hypertensive encephalopathy.
  2. Hydrostatic cerebral edema : – The another type of cerebral edema is called Hydrostatic cerebral edema. This type of cerebral edema is occurred due to the acute malignant hypertension. The hydrostatic cerebral edema will result in the transfer of the pressure to the capillaries with the fluid medium.
  3. From brain cancer : – The cerebral edema can also occur due to the brain cancer. The cerebral edema from cancer occurs due to the cancerous part of the brain called glil cells will increase the vascular endothelial growth factor. This will results in the weakens of the junction in the blood brain barrier.There are several methods of reduction of the VEGF secretion, dexamethasone method is one of them.
  4. High altitude cerebral edema : – The high altitude cerebral edema is occurred due to the leakage of the capillary fluid. This leakage of capillary fluid occurs due to the effect of hypoxia on the brain. There are many symptoms of high altitude cerebral edema some of these includes a headache, weakness in the body, sometimes memory loss occur, and coma. If this type of cerebral edema is not treated properly then it will also cause death. For the treatment of high altitude cerebral edema, many doctors have suggested dexamethasone for the treatment.
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cerebral edema Bruce Lee, cerebral edema

Cytotoxic edema

The cytotoxic edema is occurred due to the hypothermia and sometimes due to the early stroke or hypoxia.Due to the hypoxia, the lack of oxygen and glucose occurs in the body which results in the breakdown of the sodium and calcium pumps on the cell membrane of the brain. This will result in the excess building of the sodium and calcium in the brain. This excess building of the sodium and calcium will result in uptake of more amount of water which results in the swelling of the cells.

In many types of research, it will be noted that the cytotoxic and the vasogenic edema occurs together.The vasogenic edema is persisted more days than the cytotoxic edema.

Treatment of cerebral edema

  1. The are many methods of the treatment of cerebral edema some of these are:-The cerebral edema can be cured by the osmotherapy. It is a type of therapy by which the osmotically active substances are used to reduced the amount of intracranial contents in the body.The main function of the osmotherapy is to improve the elasticity and it will decrease the intracranial and this will occur by removing the amount of free water in the body. The osmotherapy generally used to decrease intracranial pressure by decreases the excess fluid from the brain. The osmotherapy was introduced in 1919 by the biomedical researcher Johns Hopkins. Now this technique is used in worldwide for the treatment of the dangerous disease such as cerebral edema.
  2. The another method of the treatment of the cerebral edema is by diuretics. This technique will decrease the amount of fluid volume in the brain and hence prevent from the cerebral edema.
  3. Corticosteroids are also used to decrease the cerebral edema. The corticosteroids will help to suppress the immune system of the body.
  4. Hypertonic saline is the another recommended methods by the doctors to reduce the cerebral edema.
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These are the different methods by which we can prevent us from the cerebral edema.

There are many types of research are occur time by time on the cerebral edema. The research in 2010 about the cerebral edema is based on the study of finite element analysis. The finite element analysis is one of the widely used solid mechanics. The second research is also occurring which depends on the condition of the thermal conductivity, this research is generally related to the water content of the tissue. These researches will help to cure for the cerebral edema and now many prevention are used to cure cerebral edema with the help of these researches.

Bruce Lee was died due to the disease of Cerebral Edema. And at that time cerebral edema Bruce Lee get sudden stroke and immediately called doctors but it was too late. He already passed away.


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