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Bruce Lee wiki

Bruce Lee wiki

Bruce lee was a famous actor and director who was born on 27 November 1940 at California U.S. He was not only the actor but he was also a philosopher, producer, screenwriter, director, and martial artist. Also, Bruce lee has two children named Brandon lee and Shannon lee. Brandon lee was born in 1965 and Shannon lee was born in 1969. Lee Hoi-Chuen and Grace Ho are the parents of Bruce lee. Bruce lee doing his Alma mater from the University of Washington. Bruce lee got many achievements in his acting career. In 1994 he got lifetime achievement award for his acting. And in 1972 he gets best mandarin film award and in 1972 he got special jury award for his best acting and producing. Linda Lee Cadwell is the name of Bruce Lee’s wife.

In his film career Bruce lee gives many hit films some of these are:-

1)    The big boss

2)    Fist of fury

3)    Golden harvest way of the dragon

4)    Warner brothers enter the dragon

5)    The game of death

Bruce lee has nationality both from U.S and Hong Kong. Bruce lee also known from his other names also such as Li Yuanxin and Li yuanjian. These names are used during his childhood period when he was going to the college. Bruce lee father was also a famous actor who got huge achievement in his acting career. Bruce lee going to U.S for many times to perform for their community who lives in U.S. During the world war his life was affected so much but after the world war ended he resume his acting career. During the rebuildings year in Hong Kong, he was the most popular actor in the country.

  How did Bruce Lee die

Bruce lee learns for acting by Wing Chun when he was 16 years of old. Wing Chun teaches him martial arts techniques. In 1959 due to the wrong behavior of Bruce lee in his school, the parents of Bruce lee send him to the United states to stay with his older sister. At the age of 18-year Bruce lee start working for Ruby chow as a waiter for his restaurant. Bruce lee got his diploma from Edison technical school in 1960 and from that he completed his secondary education. In 1961 Bruce lee takes admission in the university of Washington. At the Washington university, Bruce lee meets his future wife named Linda Emery. After that in 1964, he got married to Linda Emery. After that in 1965, they give birth to a child.

Bruce Lee College life:

Bruce lee leaves his college in 1964 and goes to Oakland to live his further life. In 1964 Bruce lee take part in the international karate championship and perform karate with push-ups. In 1959 during the spring season Bruce lee got a fight with a street person and at that time police are called at that place. So, the father of Bruce lee decided to send his son to the United states so that Bruce lee can live a safer and healthier life. After several months Bruce lee returned from the United states and continue his education.

Bruce Lee Film Carrer:

Moving to the film career as the father of Bruce lee was also a great actor, so his father introduced him tin the film career at a very young age. As a child Bruce, lee appears in many films. As a child, Bruce lee got a work in the film Golden gate girl. At the age of 18 years, Bruce lee already appears in twenty films. In August 1972 Bruce lee starts working in the film Game of death. He has done many fighting scenes in this film.

  Bruce Lee Movies

This film earns lots of money and breaks the record of earning. Bruce lee gives 100s of scenes in this film. After the success of this film, Bruce lee was so popular that he signed many other movies after the great success of his movie Game of death. After that lee also starts to write his own scripts. Bruce lee writes some scripts such as The silent flute and Green bamboo warrior.

Apart as an acting Bruce lee also knows martial arts and drama. Apart from that Bruce lee also knows to write poetry which expresses his life.

Bruce lee is also the founder of Jeet Kune do. Before the movies Bruce lee has also worked for Televisions. He has doing 26 episodes for The green hornet and 3 episodes for Batman. Apart from that he also worked in other television shows such as ironsides, blondie, here come the brides, enjoy yourself tonight, Longstreet, the Pierre Berton show and many more and got a huge success in these shows.

Death of Bruce lee

On May 1973 during the movie Enter the Dragon Bruce lee has occurred an accident and after that he suffer from seizures and headaches. He was then immediately admitted to the hospital in Hong Kong. But on July 1973 complained about a headache and he takes a painkiller for some relief. But on July 20 at around 7:30 PM, Bruce lee feels a huge headache. A doctor came to check the condition of Bruce lee.

After that lee was sending to the hospital for the further checkup about his health and his condition. But when the ambulance reached the hospital Bruce lee already died. According to the doctors, there was no external injury is appearing in the reports. Some other reports have said that Bruce lee has Equagesic in his body. After the report doctors officially announced the death of Bruce lee. At the death, he was only 32 years old.

  Bruce Lee daughter

After the death of Bruce lee, many controversies arise in the media. But in this short period of time lee got huge success in his life. He gives many popular films to his fans. The statue of Bruce lee is also available in Hong Kong. After his death, the government announced that the house of Bruce will be preserved as a tourist place. In 2013 he was awarded as prestigious founder at the Asian awards. In 2014 Bruce lee was selected as the greatest fighter in the movies by the Houston boxing.

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