Brandon Lee, bruce lee son death

Bruce Lee son death

Bruce lee son death

Brandon lee was the son of Bruce lee. Brandon lee was born on February 1, 1965. He was born at Oakland, California, U.S. Bruce lee and Linda lee Cadwell are the children of Brandon lee. He was the son of a great martial artist. Bruce Lee son death was on his movie set and he was performing an action scene in that movie. Main cause of death was miss fire from the gun which is accidental.

Carrier of Brandon lee

Brandon lee starting is film career in 1986. Brandon started his film career with Kung fu the movie. He plays the supporting role in this movie. At the beginning, Brandon lee plays the role for many low budget movies. In the 1990s Brandon lee does many low budget movies.Some of these movies are

  • Brandon lee plays a role in the movie Legacy of rage which released in 1986.
  • In 1992 Brandon does another movie Showdown in little Tokyo.
  • After the success of previous movies, Brandon lee plays a supporting role in the another movie Rapid fire which was released in 1992.Brandon Lee, bruce lee son death

Early life of Brandon lee

Brandon lee attended his high school study from the Chadwick school. But Brandon lee doesn’t like this school and feel uncomfortable in this school. After that Brandon, lee attended his further study from the Bishop Montgomery high school which is located in Torrance. He studied in this school from 1979 to 1980.

At the age of 18 years, Brandon lee received his GED study in 1983. He studied GED from Emerson college which is located in Boston, Massachusetts. After the study Brandon lee moved to the new york city to learn the acting. Here Brandon lee is also the member of American new theater group which is founded by his own friend. In 1985 Brandon lee return to the Los Angeles and here he works as a script reader in the Ruddy Morgon production.

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Brandon Lee Movies

In 1985 Brandon lee plays his best cameo role in the movie Crime killer. This movie is based on action and starring the actor George pan Andreas.Brandon lee got the first acting role in the movie Kung fu. In this movie, Brandon lee plays the role of Chung-wang. Chung-wang is the son of Kwai chang cane.

In the movie Legacy of rage, Brandon lee got the first leading actor role. The legacy of rage is the action film which is released in Hong Kong. Apart from Brandon lee this movie also starred Michael Wong and Regina Kent. In the television series, Ohara Brandon lee gives his guest appearance with pat Morita. After this television series, Brandon lee does some B-grade action films. His first B-grade action film is named as Lasser mission. This movie is released all over in the European market in the year of 1990. Brandon lee debut for the American film in 1991 from the movie Showdown in little Tokyo. After that in 1992 Brandon lee get his first action thriller role in the movie rapid fire.

Personal life of Brandon lee

Eliza Hutton is the wife of Brandon lee. Brandon lee meet with Eliza Hutton in 1990 at the house of director Renny Harlin. The house of Renny Harlin is located at headquarter, 20-century fox. Hutton is the personal assistant of the director Harlin. After some times Hutton started story editing for the Still water production. Brandon lee and Eliza Hutton were engaged in  October 1992. They were both decided to get married when Brandon completes the shooting of his film The crow.

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Film Carrer

Brandon lee starts his film career in 1985 with the movie Crime killer. In this movie, Brandon plays a role of a Gangster. Next year, Brandon lee give another hit movie Legacy of Rage in 1986. In this movie, Brandon plays a role of Brandon Ma. After three years Brandon lee releases another movie Laser mission and he plays a role of Michael gold in this movie. In 1991 Brandon lee completes another movie Showdown in little Tokyo and plays a role of Johnny Murata in this film.In 1992 Brandon lee releases another movie and the name of this movie is Sex, lies, and video violence. He plays a role of Cameo in this movie. The last movie of Brandon lee was The crow and he dies during the scene of this movie. Brandon lee gives many hits English movies to the world.

Death of Brandon lee

Bruce Lee son death was died due to the Gunshot in March 1993. Brandon lee died at the filming studio in North Carolina. When he died he is only 28 years old. He died during the shooting of the movie The crow due to the gunshot. Due to the miss-happening, Michael masses fires a revolver at Brandon lee when he moves to the room. This action does not require to actually fire the gun. After that, Brandon lee is rushed to the New Hanover medical center in north Carolina. At the hospital doctors give 6 hours of surgery to Brandon lee. But the doctors are not successful to save the life of Brandon lee. After the death of Brandon lee, the shooting from the revolver was called as an accident.

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With the help of computer graphics this movie was rewritten and finished. The whole scene of the apartment in this movie was made with the help of special computer graphics. After the death of Brandon lee, Eliza Hutton decided to complete the movie The crow under the direction of Alex Proyas. When Brandon lee died, there are only 8 days are remaining to complete the movie. Few scenes are remains to complete the movie when Brandon lee died.

After the death of Brandon lee, his movie The crow was released in may 1994. This movie was hit all over the world. This movie breaks all records in the earning and earns over $50 million in United states. The credits to hit this movie was given to Brandon lee and Eliza. When brand lee died his biopic film Dragon The Bruce lee story is also ready to release and this film is released after two months when Brandon lee died.

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