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Bruce Lee daughter

Bruce lee daughter

Shannon lee is the daughter of Bruce lee. Shannon lee was born on 19 April 1969. She was born in California, U.S. The Shannon lee is an actress and also a business person. Shannon lee has one child. Bruce lee and Linda lee are the parents of Shannon lee. Shannon lee graduated from the Chadwick school in 1987.

After the graduation, Shannon lee starts to attend the Tulane university in the New Orleans. At the Tulane university Shannon lee studied for the voice subject and from this university, she is graduated in 1991.After that in 1993 Shannon lee come back to the Los Angeles because of the death of his brother due to the pursue suiting. In 1994 after one year of the death of his brother Shannon lee gets married to the Anthony Keasler which is Lawyer. After that Shannon lee and Anthony, keasler gives birth to a child and his name is Wren lee keasler.In the early youth time of Shannon lee, she studied about the Jeet Kune do which is basically a martial art system invented by his father.

Early life of Shannon lee

Bruce Lee daughter studied about the Taekwondo and Dung do liang teaches him this subject.Shannon lee starts his film carrier in 1993. She starts his film career from the movie Dragon: The Bruce lee story. Basically, this movie is based on the entire life of his own father Bruce lee. In 1994 she also appears in the movie Cage II with the famous actor Lou Ferrigno. In 1998 she starred another movie named as entering the Eagles which is directed by the famous director Corey yuen with the co-actors Michael wong and Anita yuen.

  Bruce Lee Movies

Not only in the movies, Shannon lee has also worked in the television series. She starred one episode of the television series Martial law with Sammo hung. She starts starring the television in 1998. Shannon lee also worked as a host on the famous television show WMAC Masters. Now Shannon lee is currently the president of the Bruce Lee Foundation.

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Singing Carrer

Shannon lee also sang various hits albums.  She sang his first album named as a Mechanical force of love which is released in 2003. She also sings a song for the cover of the movie China strike force and the name of the song is I’m in the mood for love. This movie is released in 2000. This movie is starred by the two actors Leehom wang and Aaron Kwok. Shannon lee also worked as a producer. Shannon lee is the producer of the television series named as The legend of Bruce lee. This television series was started in 2008. The television series was based on the life of his father Bruce lee. These television series describe that how Bruce lee changed the world.

Film life of Shannon lee

Bruce Lee daughter, Shannon lee does many English movies. She started his film career in 1993. In 1993 she started his career from the first movie named as Dragon: The bruce lee story. In 1994 she does another film named as cage II. Shannon lee gives a hit movie and the name of the movie is High Voltage where she played the role of Jane logan in 1997. Also, In 1998 Shannon lee stared another movie Enter the eagles where she played the role of Mandy.

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In this year she gave another movie Blade where she played the role of Resident.The movie Enter the eagles also known from his alternate name Gwen guen see the dam. Shannon lee gives a superhit movie Lessons for an assassin in 2001. In this movie, shannon lee played the role of Fiona. She does his last movie and the name of the movie is She, me and her. In this movie, she played the role of Paula Jemison in the year of 2002.

Now talking about the television career of Bruce Lee daughter. Shannon lee starts his television career in 1995 from the television show WMAC masters. In this television show, Shannon lee is taken part as a host and do 13 episodes in this show. Shannon lee also starred another television show named as Martial law in 1998.

In this television series Shannon lee played the role of Vanessa feed. After the great success of the previous shows Shannon lee continues his Television career and in 2000 she start another television show named as Epoch. In this television series Shannon lee played the role of Executive producer. In the year of 2012 Shannon lee Give another television series named as I am Bruce Lee. This television series is based on the entire life of his father bruce lee. I am bruce lee is basically a documentary film and this documentary film is directed by the famous director Pete Mccormack.

Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee daughter i.e. Shannon lee now working in the foundation made by his father Bruce lee. Jeet Kune do is the foundation started by the actor Bruce lee. Jeet Kune do is basically a martial arts foundation. As many martial arts Jeet Kune do is not fixed or patterned.The concept of Jeet Kune do is depends on how to attack someone when another is ready to attack. The Jeet Kune do teach how to give more effect with the small amount of movement.

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In the Movie enter, the Dragon Bruce lee gives his own martial arts in this movie. The meaning of Jeet Kune do is  The arts of expressing the human body. Bruce lee always believed that styles are more rigid and realistic.Bruce lee research many martial arts styles such as Jun fan gun fu. In this style of martial arts, Bruce lee describes all the limitations of another martial arts styles.

Bruce lee gives many principles in the Jeet Kune do. He gives a principle that when someone is attacked on you then you should approach this attack. In the Jeet, Kune do Bruce lee also gives Five ways of attack.Bruce lee said that straight leads are the important part of Jeet Kune do.


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